sanstitreWhen you create a post, there’s two different tabs, visual and text. When you go to visual, you have a lot of classic features to edit your text and other functions. Concerning text, this tab allows you to use html and css languages. By the way, you can’t create CSS classes but just call them, to create CSS classes you have to ask to your project leader.

If you are interested in learning HTML and CSS languages, just go to this page

Each post of this website starts with a floating picture. Here is the code to put at the beginning of the post :

<img class=rl-post-image src=url of your picture alt=type what you want title=if you make your mouse pointer to stay on the picture, what you write here will appear>
Use class=rl-post-image only if you want your picture to float on the left.

At the end of each posts there are two buttons, here is the code you have to put at the end of the post (remove the spaces that are just after and before each [ ] :

<div class=”rl-post-nav”>

[ su_button url=the url of your previous post background=”#c31532″ size=”5″ radius=’0′ icon_color=”#c13532″ class=”rl-btn-back” ] Back [ /su_button ]

[ su_button url=the url of your next post background=”#c31532″ size=”5″ radius=’0′ icon_color=”#c13532″ class=”rl-btn-next” ] Next [ /su_button ]


We use <div class=”rl-post-nav”> as a clear command, it makes the concerned code separated from the floating picture.

You can get the url of the post by clicking on the “Get Shortlink” button.

If you want to put a link, use <a class=rl-external href=concerned url> word that you click on </a>
Use class=rl-external only if your link makes you quit

When you want to show source code in a post, at the beginning of the post use <span=”rl-border rl_codeblock”> and <pre class=”brush: python; “>
At the end of the code part put </span> and </pre>

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