Since we dont have any device yet, it will be a virtual one : we’ll use the raspberry pi connected to a linux operating system such as Archlinux to simulate the sent of the frames. We will create the link with the android mobile with an adhoc+wifi connection.

To resume :
  • User :
    • Android
    • Framepenser (disassemble frames)
    • Adhoc connection
  • Object
    • Raspberry Pi
    • Archlinux OS to create the adhoc
    • Wifi
    • Framecrafter

Firs test : We have the client and the server on the computer. We’ve made 2 C codes, client.c and server.c, which permits to the archlinux to send et receive messages.

Second test : we have the client on the computer and the server on the raspberry pi. GPIO lines configuration is needed for this step, which will be described further in the Hardware Configuration part of this website.

Third test : we have the client on the android and the server on the raspberry pi. The java code on the android Machine-To-Machine communication software and the xml code for the graphic interface will be described below, in the Android part.


Our final plan
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