frameworkHere is the list of frameworks that could be interesting, coming along a short description of them :

      Network : supports HTTP TCP UDP MQTT -> good
      Hardware : supports Raspberry Pi (lowcost) and BeagleBone Black -> good
      Browser-based flow editing -> convenient
  • OM2M :
      Uses ETIS
      Is more about M2M telecom
  • Eclipse SCADA :
      SCADA (data collection), works on multiple systems
      Not exactly transfert protocol
  • KURA :
      Multiple platermorms
      Needs java/eclipse
      sensor oriented
      Machine-To-Machine communication optimized
  • PONTE :
      flexible M2M RESTful communication framework
      eclipse based
      sensor oriented
      MQTT based
      formalizes a REST API
      uses the Constrained Application Protocol (CoAP) (IETF protocol)
  • MIHINI :
      running on linux
      Lua API for M2M
      use of Mihini on an Open Hardware Linux-based platform such as BeagleBoard or RaspberryPi.
      The goal is to allow someone to take a bare development board and configured it to collect data from the GPIO sensors
  • PAHO with MQTT :
      ideal for mobile applications because of its small size, low power usage, minimised data packets, and efficient distribution of information to one or many receivers. Better than CoAT (udp) because mqtt uses tcp. etis is not popular forget it.


  • Conclusion :
        The best combination would be to use nodered (nodered = tool to wire the IoT) + mosquitto, which is a broker, transforming frames in others frames adapted for others protocols. Moreover Mosquitto is a module that can be hosted by PAHO.
                Other combination : kura + apache camel (apache is the webserver). here is a link concerning nodered+mosquitto, and here concerning kura+apache camel
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